37 Facts about me tag!

I know the tag is 50 facts, but frankly i couldn't think of that many. So...

1. My name is Michelle, but most people i know call me Shell
2. I'm 26 years old
3. I am obsessed with Japanese culture, and collect kawaii stationery
4. My favourite film is Pulp Fiction (i love Quentin Tarantino)
5. I have a cheeky pet cat named Mr Lola:

6. I live in Birmingham, but i'm originally from London
7. I have freakishly small hands!
8. My favourite bands are Garbage, Queens of the Stone Age, Ladytron & The Smiths
9. I CANNOT walk in heels!
10. I trained as a make up artist with Sam & Nic of Pixiwoo
11. I like trashy horror films, particularly if they involve zombies!
12. My favourite lipstick is Mac's Russian Red
13. I have a phobia of needles
14.  I love anything vanilla scented
15. I hate early mornings
16. I have two younger sisters
17. I used to be a vegetarian
18. I love bargain hunting & charity shopping
19. Part of the reason i love going to the cinema is for the Ben & Jerrys :)
20. My fridge is never without Dairylea
21. If i ever get married i want it to be in Las Vegas, & conducted by an Elvis impersonator
22. I used to make music under the pseudonym Girl Afraid
23. I am obsessed with the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
24. I hate lateness
25. As a kid i was a total tomboy, and used to love football
26. I have a terrible memory, so have to write everything down
27. My all time favourite item of clothing is my fake leopard fur coat
28. I am very competitive when it comes to games and quizzes (must win!)
29. My favourite manga is Deathnote (i love the film too)
30. I once got a detention in school because i couldn't stop laughing...
31. I love anything that involves peanut butter
32. I got sent home on my first day at a new job because i was wearing pink shoes
33. I am a homebody, and prefer a night in to a night out
34. I love all animals except for turkeys (when i was a kid one chased me & i thought it was going to kill me!!)
35. I hate the smell of lavender
36. I am the worlds biggest procrastinator 
37. My attention span          is        very


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