Easy nail art...and a shot glass!

Does anyone else find nail art annoyingly hard, but really want to try something different with your nails? Well, i do! I was contacted by a company called Gifts Online 4 You to take part in their challenge of 'alternative uses for a shot glass'. I thought it may be a useful prop for nail art....

 They sent me a rather lovely engraved shot glass to use, and i got to work. I decided to try using the shot glass to 'concoct' various glitter mixes. I used a combination of chunky glitters from ebay, and Mac reflect glitters, and nail glitters from Gosh, and Andrea Fullerton.

It was a simple case of putting different glitter combinations in the glass, putting a layer of clear polish on my nail and dipping the nail in. The shot glass proved handy in making it a lot tidier than my usual nail art experiments! haha. No spills, and i could also press my nail against the side to compact the glitter.

This was my favourite glitter mix. I like the contrast of the different colours, and sizes of glitter :)

So, that was my idea for an alternative use for a shot glass, and i'll definitely be using this method in the future. Can you think of any more uses....?

I posted a video on my channel here (including an easy way to remove glitter polish): 

Here's some more ideas from other bloggers:
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I think the candle idea looks brilliant!

http://www.giftsonline4u.com/ provided me with the engraved shot glass to take part in the challenge (thank you!)

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