Review: Stargazer Baby Pink Hair Colour

Today i will be reviewing the Stargazer hair colour rinse in the colour 'baby pink'. This is amonia free, and claims to be 'an easy to use semi permanent hair colour with conditioner'. On the box it shows a lady with intensely vibrant, solid pink hair.

I was originally sent a bottle of this to review by a website which i will link below. I applied it to my (pre lightened hair, except for the obvious roots which i knew wouldn't colour! I like dark roots :) I'm strange!) and left it for the maximum 30 minutes, but was disappointed to find it hadn't really done anything. I didn't bother to take photo's of that attempt!

I ordered 2 more bottles, and thought i'd give them the benefit of the doubt- being my hair is fairly long so maybe i should use 2 bottles (although the box does say only for 'exceptionally long hair', which i don't class mine as.) 

Onto attempt 2....

So this is the outcome! As you can see it has come out very patchy, and there's lots of blonde bits that seem untouched. I would describe it as if i'd drawn on my hair with a highlighter. The top part of my head has come out mostly good, but it gets lighter and lighter on the lengths and ends.... :(

I think if it was to be used on hair any darker, it would pretty much have no effect!  Considering the picture on the box, and that they call it 'vibrant colour' i'd say that's very misleading.

You can really see the patchiness in this picture!

I did a bit of research online (when i say research i of course mean google and twitter!!) and found a lot of people had had similar experiences. Needless to say i swiftly put a different branded pink dye over the top (Rusk). 

Overall i found this particular hair dye disappointing.  Have you tried Stargazer hair dyes? How did you find them?


One of these dyes was kindly sent to me to review by, i bought the other 2 from the same website myself for £4 each. This website is worth a look, they sell lots of make up, hair dyes, and specialise in colour & crazy contact lenses. I have a few pairs i will be doing upcoming videos on, and they are brilliant! :)

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