MUA lip booms: review & swatches...

Personally speaking i find MUA products a bit hit & miss, and find it a little annoying how they copy other brands products right down to the packaging. Having said that i do love their Lip Booms, one of their few original products, it features a matte lipstick on one end, and a glitter packed lip gloss on the other. 

They have a nice colour selection (i think there is one other shade, which is a bright red)  and they are handy to carry round. Although the writing on the packaging rubs off easily (it's mostly disappeared on OMG my most used shade!) One annoying thing is the stickers that are put on each end, they leave a horrible sticky patch that attracts fluff within a 5 mile radius!! 

Although LMK & Vibe look really different in the bullet, they look almost the same swatched. The lipsticks are a nice creamy matte formula, with good pigmentation. 

The lip glosses are thick but non sticky with large chunks of glitter. The glitter may put some people off, but personally i like it. They smell devine- like rich caramel :) Each lipstick has a different shade of gloss except for OK.COM, and OMG which are the same. As with all MUA lipsticks, they have the removable pot of product at the top- which is just rubbery and unusable. The only thing it's good for is seeing the shade at a glance. Does anyone use the stuff in the lid? 

Overall, i am a big fan of the lip booms, and for £3 they're a great bargain :) Have you tried them? What do you think?



  1. Hey there

    I havent tried these yet but you have made me want to try one I am not sure which one to get yet think I will have a better idea when i look at them in the shop

  2. I must say I like the lipsticks on these more than the glosses, for me they're a little bit gritty! Lovely post though, I didn't realise there was that many shades!

    Megan x

    1. I agree, i tend to use the lipsticks more :) they are nice on their own x

  3. I own a few MUA products, it's nice that their brand is so affordable but yeah i get what you mean with copying other brands! Will have to try the lip balms :3


  4. I want LMK, will be on my list when I finish my no buy :D


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