VIVO colour block eye palette in Enchanted: Review & swatches...

Vivo are a make up brand sold online & in Tesco. They are made under the umbrella of FB Beauty, alongside MUA, Accessorize, & Look Beauty. I don't tend to hear so much about Vivo, and i love this palette so here's my review....

There are two editions of the 12 pan colour block palettes. Enchanted (this one) and a neutral palette called Unprotected. I like the fact this palette features a mix of matte, shimmer, and glitter eyeshadows.  There are a nice selection of warm, rich Wintery colours. Personally my favourite is the top line, especially the matte cranberry colour. 

 Top row swatches

 Middle row swatches

Bottom row swatches 

As you can see from the swatches the colours are beautifully pigmented. The shimmer colours swatch best, and are soft and buttery. The mattes are also impressive- some mattes don't tend to be so pigmented, but i didn't find that with these. The shade Me Too in the bottom row was a little crumbley, probably due to the glitter.

Overall i'm a big fan of this palette. The eyeshadows blend well, and last all day with a base. I also like the fact the palette is square shaped- mainly because it makes it much more compact and easy to fit in your make up make bag! oh, and did i mention it is just £3.99... (^_^)

Have you tried any Vivo products, what did you think? 


  1. I'll have to check this out when i'm next in Tesco! I need a new eyeshadow palette, looks really good value for money :O


  2. I didn't like this too much! :( I think it was because my semi hooded lids just creased my eyeshadow but I'm gonna try it with a primer!

    Lucy x


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