My lipbalm obsession

I have many obsessions... lipbalms are one of them. I do love them for their practical uses, but if it is cute, kawaii, novelty, or has Hello Kitty on i can't resist it. So here's my (ridiculous) collection.

Most of the Hello Kitty ones are from H&M and Marks & Spencer. Why did H&M stop doing Hello Kitty stuff *sobs* The Bee Happy tin is lemon flavour and is by Etude House :) The David & Goliath lipbalm is candy floss flavour. The cute cherry one at the top is...well cherry!

Here's some of my favourite picks of the bunch...

Lypsyl is my all time favourite lipbalm, i've used it for years and swear by it. It's really cheap and you can get it in most chemists and ebay. My favourite is strawberry.
The Body Shop Lip Butters and Born Lippy pots are also great. I use the Shea Lip Butter every night before bed. The Born Lippy versions are good for daytime as they add a little tint, glossiness or glitter depending on flavour.
EOS are favourites among many beauty blogs i read. The main thing i like about these is the smell, i love Summer Fruits, and Honeydew Melon *yum*. They are nice, for summer as they aren't amazingly moisturising.

I also love Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve, It smells like Turkish delight, and i tend to use this on dry skin on my hands too, as it can be used anywhere :)
The Ice Cream Lip Softener is one i picked up from SaSa for the cuteness, but it works really well- it's a buttery vanilla balm.
Lastly, i love the Miss Sporty Dr Balm. It smells of watermelon (can you tell i'm obsessed with smells also!) and has a tint, in a choice of colours. It provides a little gloss, and is lightly moisturising (again perfect for Summer lips), i've heard people compare these to Baby Lips. Personally i don't agree, they are a lot more glossier.

Anyone else obsessed with lipbalm? Which are your favourites?



  1. Ooh I love it I had a similar obsession, very impressed with your collection!

  2. Wow, i thought I had a lot of lipbalms! I totally don't blame you for having so many though, most of them have the most gorgeous packaging <3

    ♥ Sapphire

  3. I have the same obsession. Some I buy because they are really good for dry lips and others because I cant resists the cute packaging:) xx

    1. If only the ones that were really good for dry lips had the cute packaging too! :)

  4. where is the moutain dew one from? xx


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