Tokyo Jazz Panda haul (✿◠‿◠)

I recently made an order with Tokyo Jazz Panda, a site i often used to shop from years ago. They don't seem to get much new stock in these days (´ヘ`;) but they are the only place i know that stocks Cram Cream products in the UK (anyone know of any others?)

My favourite item from my order is this Cram Cream ice cream tin, i love the colours! They also have a hamburger tin which I'm very tempted to order too. This was a very reasonable £2.99. Now I just need to decide how I'm going to use it, I think it will make a handy tin for my eyeliners.

I also ordered some Japan exclusive Sanrio sticker sheets. These were just 99p each and it was a lucky dip of which character you get. I ordered 2 sheets, but only got one so they kindly sent me 2 more (◕‿◕✿). I ended up with 2 Hello Kitty sheets, and a Little Twin Stars set.

Finally i got this San-X Mamegoma Sweets Factory stamper (99p). There were a few different designs, and i got this super cute one!


  1. Wow they all look so cute <3
    I would like to invite you to join my giveaway and win a pair of glasses from Visit me soon! :)

    PS: I follow back contestants ;)


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