Cyber Candy treats! (ˆڡˆ)

Last weekend I bought some yummy treats from Cyber Candy in Birmingham. It's one of my favourite shops, i could spend so much money in that shop! ◕。◕ I though I would write some mini reviews of each snack....

Hello Kitty chocolate chip cookie dough treats:  (from U.S) these are small balls of cookie dough (like the bits in Ben & Jerry cookie dough ice cream) covered in chocolate. They are very tasty, although admittedly I got these because they had Hello Kitty on the box (>‿◠)

Icee Gummy Candy: (from U.S) These weren't that nice, and other than the lemonade flavour they didn't really taste like the flavour they were meant to be (Cherry, Green Apple, Blue Rasperry) I think Icee is a drink similar to Slush Puppy. The gummies were the texture of wine gums, and you don't get many in the box.

Hello Kitty Sprinkle Cupcake Treats: I got these for a friend, but they look good!

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites: (from U.S) I actually got these in Tesco for £2 woo! These were really good. I love anything involving peanut butter though :) They tasted like Reeces cups with a hint of cookie dough, and very Moorish.

Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper: (from U.S) These are also for a friend & I found them in Poundland! They change colour & flavour as you eat them.

Hi- Chew Peach: (from Japan) Hi-chew have been a long time favourite. They are a fruit chew, but when you eat them they have a soft, almost bubble gum texture (not like most chews that stick to your teeth!) They are also unbelievably fruity too.

Hi- Chew Green Apple: (from Japan) These are my favourite flavour (ˆڡˆ)

Tropical Razzles: (from U.S/ Canada) These intrigued me... they look like indigestion tablets, and have the same crunchy texture. The more you crunch them they turn into a gum! The flavours are nice, but after chewing for a few minutes has pretty much gone. You get tons in the pack though.

I also got some Airheads, but they are also for a friend.

Any other Cyber Candy fans out there? (●˘ᴗ˘)ノ゙ 

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