Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa mask...

Some time ago Montagne Jeunesse were giving away free masks from their newly released Clay Spa range. There are 2 masks in the range, the Dead Sea Mud Spa, and the one I got the Glacial Clay Spa.
It says it is made with crushes arctic cloudberries, and anti-oxidant red grape to cleanse pores. The mask itself is a sheet mask made from a fairly thick fabric that is soaked in the product. Firstly the mask smells really good! It's quite a strong aqua/ fresh smell.
The mask feels really cooling when it's on- so I particularly enjoyed it in this heat wave weather. One thing I'll say is don't look in the mirror or show anyone when you have this mask on as it will make you laugh hysterically and ruin the serene moment. Seriously. I'll spare you the picture of me wearing it, instead here's a picture of Leatherface for reference....

After 15 mins I removed it, and my face did feel incredibly clean, and refreshed. I must admit it did leave some dry patches and I had to slather on the moisturiser afterwards. I also never noticed any difference to my pores, or my currently spotty chin!

I didn't notice any major effects from the mask, but I like it for the fact it was cooling, and refreshing whilst on!

Have you tried this?

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