Pond's Magic BB Powder and Maybelline Baby Lips...

I wanted to show you a couple of recent Asian make up items I bought on ebay. Firstly, Pond's BB Magic Powder. It is a loose powder, with a good pigmentation. It comes in a cute pink bottle (they also have a blue oil control version) and has a sifter at the top (like a bottle of baby talc.)

The main ingredient is talc, but after trying it I really like it. It works best on top of a foundation, or BB cream and gives good coverage. It seems to last really well too. I initially tried mixing it with a moisturiser (thinking I'd make my own BB cream!) but that just didn't work. The other plus is that you get absolutely tons in the bottle and it cost me around £2.50. This works best on paler skins, I think anything medium onwards may find this too light.

From the same seller I also picked up a Maybelline Baby lips. I couldn't decide which colour so I went with my favourite name- Pink Lolita! It is a lovely glossy pink :)

Here is the seller if you fancy a look!


  1. Hi Shell, I've nominated you for a 'Liebster Award'! Information is on my blog: http://madamnailpolish.blogspot.be/2013/07/liebster-award.html X

    1. Oh and you can use the translate bar at the right side :) x

    2. thank you! I will work on the post right away x

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  3. Ooh I haven't heard of loose BB powder before! Very cute packaging :) I'm on the medium side so yeah I probably would find it too light for my skin

    I love Maybelline Baby Lips~ A glossy pink shade sounds gorgeous


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