Real Techniques dupes...

In todays post I wanted to share with you some make up brushes I've bought from ebay. As you can see they are modelled (or totally copied) on the Real Techniques brush line. The middle brush in the pictures is a genuine Real Techniques stippling brush, the outer two my ebay buys.

In comparison the weight, and size are exactly the same. The brushes themselves are a lovely quality (amazingly soft, and apply make up perfectly!). I have struggled to find any difference if I'm honest.

The 2 I have purchased are the blush brush, and the angled flat top kabuki, both shockingly just cost £2.59 each with free postage! As you can imagine I wasn't expecting much of them when I ordered them, but since they have arrived they have become my go to brushes in the morning!

I can't yet confirm how they fare when being washed, but I will update.
The link to the ebay seller is here, they have 5 different brushes and a choice of colour :)


  1. hi shell, I have a few of those too.. everyone loves a dupe! xx

  2. Ooh these look exactly like the Real Techniques brushes, I love how inexpensive these are especially if they're great quality too, I will have to order some of these when I'm next paid.

    Juyey xx


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