Beauxoxo indie brand giveaway prize ^_^

I was lucky enough to recently win a giveaway by hair accessory brand Beauxoxo. I'm not usually very lucky with giveaways, and i was in bed with tonsillitis when i found out i'd won- so it cheered my up a lot!  My prize arrived wrapped in glittery tissue paper, and was a bag filled with lovely things from different indie brands... I am a big fan of indie brands, and have found some lovely new ones!

Here is the contents of the bag with some extra sweets ^_^ everything was wrapped beautifully.

I love this ring- it's from Jimmy & His Girl (it's called the Katy ring in Lapis Lazuli Blue £15)

This cute Ice Cream brooch is from Love From Hetty and Dave  They make all sorts of cute handmade leather accessories. I love their cherry shoes :)

These two pieces from Megan Jane Jewellery came in a blue organza bag. I got some cute heart button studs, and a rose ring.

These Elsie Belle pieces came in the loveliest boxes. I got a lovely swallow necklace (£13.95), and cute glass windmill stud earrings (£7.95).

Next up this necklace that has a small glass bottle filled with hearts (and the bag was filled with lavender), but sadly i don't know the brand it's by. Beside it is a super cute cat ring from I Love Crafty (£6.50) although this one is mega small. They have some amazing jewellery though- i feel a purchase coming on!

I love this giant hair bow and floral hair scarf from Beauxoxo, I have been admiring their pieces for ages- i love their dolly mixture and glitter bows. I have a bit of an obsession with hair bows so these were definitely my favourite from the bag :)

The final things were a Macaroon Bath Melt (£2.20) from Miss Patisserie (and their shop has so many amazing things! Cupcake Bath Bakes!) and a Lush eyeliner in Motivation- a lovely turquoise blue (and my first ever product from Lush!)

Also included was a sample of Steamcream, and some cards for some more indie brands that i plan to check out: Velvet Volcano and Jewellery By Jaymie.


  1. It all looks so lovely! Great blog by the way, your design is so cute! xox

  2. Congrats on the giveaway win, everything looks amazing from what i can see :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary


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