Illamasqua sales order...

Since today is my Birthday, and Illamasqua had a sale on last week (can you tell I'm clutching at excuses ha) I decided to treat myself to some things. I've never bought anything from Illamasqua directly before, but love the few things of theirs I have.

Their sale had some amazing bargains considering their prices usually tend to be on the high side. I chose a powder eyeshadow in Creep for £5 (normally £15.50), a Cream Pigment in Androgen for £7.50 (usually £17.50), and the Fundamental Palette for £10 (usually £34). The prices have now all gone back up, and I am very pleased with my savings.

The products themselves are beautifully packaged in the trademark black glossy gothic style. Creep is a matte lavender colour, whilst Androgen is a lovely soft pink. As with all Illamasqua products the quality and pigmentation is amazing.

The Fundamental Palette features 2 powder eyeshadows in Inception & Hype (a matte sunshine yellow, and rich purple), a cream pigment in Bedaub (a mint green), and liquid metal in Surge (a pewter colour). I can't wait to have a play with this. This will be my first yellow eyeshadow, and although usually I'm not a fan of yellow I can't help but be drawn to this shade!

I also added a S.O.P.H.I.E wrist band to my order which stands for Stamp. Out. Prejudice. Hatred and Intolerance. Everywhere. (the full £3 goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation) and is a more than worthy cause. If you haven't heard about it read about it here.

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