Look Beauty Lip Liners...

Today I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite make up products, and certainly my favourite brand for lip liners: the Look Beauty Loud Lip Liners.

Although these retail for £4 each, I've bought all of these during half price sales (they often have them online) So they were a bargain at £2 each :)

The Loud Lip liners come in a nice selection of shades, that also have a matching Loud Lips lipstick each (another great product!) They have a cute and simple design, with a creamy formula. I like the fact these pencils sharpen, so you can get a good point for sharper, neater liner. The crayon type liners are terrible for this.

I find these are great for colouring the whole lip with, as they are so creamy they don't dry out the lip and the pigmentation is amazing too. They work brilliantly on their own, but make great liners- they blend easily and last well. They are fairly matte so make a great alternative to the lipstick versions of the shade for fellow matte lip fans.

The shades I have (l-r):
Toffee Cup: Creamy soft nude
Tangerine Cream: a light peachy apricot 
Petal Nude: muted pink toned nude
Baby Doll: soft pink
Rock Candy: blue toned hot pink
Hyper Melon: coral red
Cherry Bomb: blue toned deep red (my personal favourite!)

Anyone else love these?


  1. Hi Shell, I commented on your blog sale last week but I haven't heard anything from you... Is it finished now? Amy. xx

    1. oh sorry- I didn't see it. I'll go an have a look right now :) x

  2. I really like Baby Doll and Rock Candy :)



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