Models Own Splash polishes: Review, swatches and alternative

When it comes to nail polish, if it's glittery the chances are I won't be able to resist. So when I saw the Splash collection from Models Own looking sparkly and lovely in their little bottles I bought 2 shades to try. Mermaid Tears (love that name!) the purple shade, and Pink Paradise.

I've read nothing but glowing reviews about these, but I must admit I was totally disappointed. When I tried these I realised the colour of the polish is completely sheer on the nail, and in fact the only difference in each shade is the iridescent pieces are a slightly different colour!  When layered over another colour polish (which they need to be to show up) you can barely tell which shade you've used....

I decided to compare them to Snowflake from the Winter Wonderland collection, which is essentially the same as the splash polishes without the colour.

As you can see from the swatches above it is hard to tell the difference between the 3. My advice is don't splash out on the 5 shades in the Splash collection (apols for terrible pun) and just get Snowflake instead!

Have you tried these?


  1. That's such a shame about this polishes! So glad I didn't pick them up in boots the other day :)


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