Soap & Glory Wowed Mouth Palette

The Soap & Glory Wowed Mouth Lip palette was released last Christmas, and is no longer available so this post may seem very pointless...but! All the lip shades are from the permanent line of Super Colour Fabu-lipsticks.

The palette has a nice selection of pinks, nudes and reds. All the shades are fairly subtle every day colours. The finish gives a nice glossy lip.

The pigmentation isn't amazing. The above swatches took a lot of layers to show up that well, and the same applies when on the lips. The texture also isn't anything special, it's not particularly creamy- and although it's not drying, it doesn't feel overly moisturising. Compared to other lipsticks I own (there are many!) this palette doesn't make me want to go and buy a full sized version of any of these shades.

Overall, a nice palette but nothing special.
Have you tried the Soap & Glory lipsticks?


  1. Those colours look fab! I really need to invest in more S&G products!



    1. They do have some nice make up :) Thanks for following- just followed your blog too :) x


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