Elegant Touch Metallic false nails

I've never ever tried false nails before. They have never appealed to me, after seeing people struggle to type (which I'm doing now), eat, and pretty much do anything whilst wearing them. They just looked too uncomfortable and impractical.

But then i saw some packs of Elegant Touch false nails in Poundland including sets of Metallic nails. I love metallics, and these just look amazing so i bought a pack. The pack said the length was short so that sounded good to me. 

The pack comes with 24 nails (to offer a choice of sizes), a buffer, and glue. They are really easy to apply- each nail has a tab (which is numbered to make it easier to match the other hand) and once you've selected the right size you just squeeze some glue on the nail and press the nail on. The tab makes positioning it really easy, and once dry you just pull the tab off. Simple!

My nails (and hands) are freakishly small, but I managed to find the right sizes here, and strangely my nails are different sizes on each hand (actually, I don't know if that's strange or not...!) Once on at first I felt like Wolverine or Edward Scissor-hands... they took a lot of getting used to. The short length was good on all but 2 nails that seem extra long and make me feel like Cruella DeVille (which i enjoy a little). 

Despite the fact it makes everyday stuff a little trickier I'm slowly getting used to the nails, and they feel like they are stuck on solid so I'm not worried of them flinging off and they look blimmin' fierce! I love them, and will definitely be looking out for some more on my next visit to Poundland! Grr


  1. I might try these if I see them :)

    1. Worth a look in the pound shops, they're a total bargain :)

  2. Oo these would be great for a special occasion!

  3. I've always wanted to try false nails myself, i hate paying ridiculous prices in nail bars >__< I'm so going to poundland to find these now haha! Great post ~

    ♥ Little Owl Diary


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