Etude House Rosy Tint Lips...

As soon as i saw the promotional images for the & Rose collection from Etude House i knew i would have to try the Rosy Tint Lips. They come in 8 shades altogether- i chose 3 Rose Fatal & 8 After Blossom.

Shade 3 is a rosy soft slightly pinkish red, and 8 is a rich deep wine red. Both smell of rose, and are thick and creamy. As you cans see from the swatches they are highly pigmented, and matte. The velvety texture makes me immediately compare them to the Lime Crime Vevetines.

The sponge tip applicator can make application a little tricky (especially for such a pigmented product) and i did have to get the lip brush out for a bold look. Personally i found these to last really well- beyond drink and food fading to a nice even stain.

I absolutely  these, and hope to get a few more shades. I would recommend them as a cheaper alternative to the velvetines that offer more shade options (and also for those who choose not to shop with Lime Crime for ethical reasons).

I bought mine from ebay shop f2plus1 at £6.04 each.
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