Illamasqua Fundamental Palette...

As you might have seen from a recent post i made an Illamasqua order, and bought the beautiful Fundamental Palette. What instantly drew me to this palette was the contrast in colours and mix of textures. The palette includes a powder eyeshadow is Hype (matte sunshine yellow), Liquid Metal in Surge (molten pewter), Cream Pigment in Bedaub (matte mint green), and a powder eyeshadow in Inception (matte violet purple). Along with a big mirror, and all housed in the lovely trademark compact.

On first look, it might not seem the most wearable of colours but there are so many options with this palette. For a simple daytime look Surge is perfect for lightly washing over the lids to give a little shimmer, or smudging Inception on the crease works really well too. I already had Bedaub on my wishlist simply because i love 'corpse like' and pastel colours (horror & kawaii fan) and this was the perfect kawaii corpse colour! 

The cream colours are really easy to work with, and stay put really well. Creasing was inevitable, but i do like creasing as i'm a fan of more 'messed up' make up so i didn't find it a problem. The matte shades are also really easy to blend (which can sometimes be a problem for mattes) and are shockingly pigmented too! Overall i absolutely love this palette, and although i haven't quite found a good use for Hype yet (determined to!) i am reaching for this almost daily. 


  1. I've been hearing about Illamasqua everywhere lately, really need to invest in one of their eyeshadow palettes after reading this!

    & i agree, the 'messed up' makeup look is much more edgy :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary


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