Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry Mask...

Today I have another My Beauty Diary sheet mask to review,this time it's the Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry mask. The packaging is super cute, and put me off using for ages.

I've finally got around to trying it, and for some reason my mask didn't have a scent :( It is well within its expiry date...The mask itself was really soft and silky, and it instantly made my skin feel really soft and moisturised- it made my bath time really relaxing. The effects it claims are brightening and moisturising so it passed the test. The mask was well soaked in product too, my only complaint was the lack of scent!


  1. Such a shame that there was no scent as I'm sure it would have smelled lovely if so :O


  2. Such a cute product, would of been waaaay better with a scent <3


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