Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner...

After falling in love with the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream i wanted to try some more products from the brand, and for some reason this Jewel-Light waterproof Eyeliner in 17 Pink Ballerina stood out to me.

Firstly the packaging is really cute and simple with the design matching the shade of the pencil. When swatch it does tend to lean more towards a peachy colour and it's matte. I knew this would be a challenge to find the best use for it. After playing about with it I have discovered this pencil makes the perfect base for neutral matte eyeshadows. Covering my lids with this before applying matte eyeshadows not only makes them more pigmented, but makes them a lot easier to blend and my eyeshadow does not budge until I remove it! ◔◡◔

I've also tried this on the under eye but the colour makes me look like I'm ill, and it doesn't show up very well on my lips. There are all sorts of different colours of this pencil available though, so they are definitely going on my wishlist as the texture and quality is brilliant!

I got mine for £3.23 (bargain!) from this ebay seller-I buy from them a lot and they are really good.


  1. Just checking out the eBay listing, so many tempting colours! :O
    Thanks for sharing :D


    1. There are some lovely shades and such a bargain :) Thanks for reading ^^


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