Lush Shimmy Shimmmy Massage Bar...

The Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar is one of the things I got in my Lush sales haul. The soap smells of vanilla but is more of a gentle soft scent, and it's packed full of glitter.

This isn't the kind of thing you can really use all over (unless you want to be very sparkly) and is more to use on parts of you that you want to highlight perhaps for a night out, as it coats the skin in a gold shimmer. 

Personally I really liked the smell, but found it didn't really lather up or soften that easily. It did make my skin feel moisturised and soft though, and my sensitive skin was fine with it. At full price it costs £4.50 and to be honest it's not something I will get again, although it was nice to try out. ❀‿❀

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