Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Peeling Massage Gel...

In all honesty the initial reason I bought the Holika Holika Pig Nose Massage Gel was the cute packaging and amusing name, but I'm glad I did. It comes from the Pig Nose(!) Black Head Care series which also includes nose strips, steam starter, deep cleansing oil balm and a sugar scrub.  

The peeling massage gel is really simple to use. It is a clear gel that has a mild tea tree type scent which you apply to areas where you get black heads i.e nose, forehead, chin. The gel contains lemon extract and aloe vera and is oil free. You leave this on for around five minutes then gently rub off with warm water.

I found this pretty effective- it did remove some (not all) of my blackheads, although with repeated use (around once a week) gave huge improvements. Usually to target blackheads I tend to use sticky strips which I find although remove black heads leave my skin really dry. These were as effective but instead left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised. Result! (ノ◔ヮ◔)ノ Yay!

I bought mine here for £4.22 for a 30ml tube.


  1. I've keep looking at this and couldn't decide to buy it or not. But since it worked for you i might give it a try. HolikaHolika have some of the cutest packaging.


  2. What an adorable bottle oh my gosh!

    Not a bad price at all, quite impressed considering it seems to work pretty well :3 Thanks for this!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. I had one of these in a little kit but there wasn't enough to give it a good go unfortunately. I might have to pick up full size and give it a go!
    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

    1. Yes, it's definitely worth giving it a try :)

  4. oooo I may have to get this, thanks for the review :D



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