Etude House Color Lips-Fit Review...

Colour Lips Fit were released by Etude House this Spring and are described as a 'magic water lipstick'. They are supposed to give vivid colour that easily absorbs into the lips.

I've got to say Etude House win again!  (ノ◔ヮ◔)ノ*: ・゚ The product is ultra light, and feels just like water- there's no stickiness or discomfort. It feels like it sinks into the lips but gives an impressively pigmented finish. I'd say the finish is not matte, but not ultra glossy either. The colour I chose was Magical Fit Pink, which it turns out does not suit me at all! It is far too light for my pale complexion... Booo! :( but blending a little dab on my lips gives a much more wearable sheerer finish so all is not lost woo! 

The scent is not very strong, just a slight sweetness to it, and the texture is very liquid like- pretty much water. Also the packaging as always is lovely. ◕ ‿ ◕

Overall the product is very good and well  worth a try...

I bought mine from this ebay seller for £5.90


  1. I really need to try these! Such a good price too :O

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. I so need a red version!

    Danniella x

  3. Lovely review~
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    xx Charmaine

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