Drop Dead Clothing

Drop Dead are a clothing and accessories brand based in Sheffield. Their designs are unique, fun and quirky. I'm often eyeing up stuff on their website, but their stuff can be a little pricey so when I saw they had a sale AND a lucky dip going I didn't hesitate to order! 

From the sale I bought a Bite Me! ring £5.00 (was £15.00). I have a bit of an obsession with donut themed things, and I love this adjustable donut ring with pink icing and sprinkles. I also got the Fuun Koneko ring £5.00 (was £15.00), with wooden charm and adjustable band. This cute cat is a bit of an emblem for Drop Dead (and reminds me a bit of Luna.) 

From the lucky dip section I decided to go for the accessories option of two mystery items for just £5.00. I got the Crescent Ring, and Team Death Socks which are knee highs. I especially love the box the Crescent ring came in, in fact I love the attention to all the packaging- including the ring boxes and envelope my order arrived in (bottom picture.) They put a lot of thought into every little detail.

They also chucked in some vinyl stickers for their current Itchy and Scratchy collection too :) I'm very happy with my order and will certainly be ordering again- I already have my eye on the vinyl figures and Neko hat in the sale section!

The sale & lucky dip is still going if you want to grab a bargain!


  1. Great gets, your lucky was was very good too!! :D


  2. I agree about Drop Dead being pricey, I have two jumpers and that's it! I really want their language barrier pin... *sneaks off to website*

    Danniella x

  3. I really like the doughnut and the crescent ring and the packaging is awesome
    Beth x


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