Recent Bargains...

Recently I had a wander round some of the local bargain shops and thought I'd share what I bought...

All this lot was from Poundland. The Love Hearts candle is in the scent Very Vanilla and smells amazing. I got some cute Hello Kitty make up including a really intense black liquid liner, a Rimmel cream blush and a Sinful Colors nail polish in Pinky Glitter which is very sparkly. I also got some black glossy stick on nails and a speckle effect nail polish from the shops own brand to try out of curiosity. Oh, and Rainbow Nerds. I really enjoy sorting these out by colour which might be a little strange....

In the 99p store they had some L'oreal Japan products. I got a Revitalift UV block make up base, and a Go 360 degrees Clean Facial Cleaser with THE SCRUBLET...what a great word! I also got some more of the Yankee Candle Simply Home Range from Asda (£1 each) in the scent Bermuda Beach which smells beautiful (and ever so slightly like Pink Sands). Lastly, the adorable cat watch which was an Ebay bargain (just £1.63) and feels surprisingly good quality! (link).


  1. Such good finds!
    I'm impressed to see Nerds too, they're usually so expensive :O


  2. You got some great finds! I really need to start going in pound shops and finding some gems myself :)

    Danniella x


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