June Empties...

Technically these are my May empties as I took the pictures and forgot to write up the post, but here goes...("aww here goes" thinking of Kenan & Kel now...)

Soft & Gentle Antiperspirant: There's not much to say about deodorant really is there... other than this one did the job!
Creightons Vanilla & Macadamia Cocoon Shower Burst: This smells amazing! I love it and will definitely repurchase if I can find it.
Mellor & Russell Moisturising Conditioner with Argan Oil: This was really thin for a conditioner and didn't really do much- it smelt nice though. Wouldn't repurchase.
Along Came Betty Pore...fect Polish Face Scrub: This had a nice peachy smell, but I found it dried my skin a bit, and I forced myself to use it up so as not to waste it. Wouldn't repurchase.

L'Oreal Triple Active Velvet Toner: This is really silky and refreshing. It leaves my skin nice and smooth and is gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin. Already repurchased.
L'Oreal Soothing Gel Cream Wash: This was a pretty nice face wash, that was nice and gentle but didn't have any noticeable effect to my skin. Also found Garnier have a version which is exactly the same but cheaper. Maybe repurchase if on offer.
The Body Shop Rasberry Ripple Shower Gel: I love this stuff, and sadly it's the last bottle from my stockpile! Definitely repurchase if they bring it back.
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Mask: This mask is really nice, and has made a big difference to my bleach damaged dry hair. Will repurchase.

Poundland Designer Nail Kit: These were pretty good, although I only got one use out of these because my nails are so small! Full review here. Maybe repurchase once I've used up my growing collection of nail kits.
Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel: This was alright, but nothing special! Full review here. Wouldn't repurchase.
No.7 Nourishing Lipshine: I love this, and am sad that it's all gone. A moisturising lip gloss that's non sticky and has a nice pink sheen- and I usually hate lipgloss! Will repurchase at some point.
MUA Extreme Curl Mascara: This didn't even give a little curl let alone an extreme one! Also a week after opening went really thick and horrible so technically it's not empty. Definitely wouldn't repurchase.

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