Wilkinsons make up brushes...

The other day when going in Wilkinsons to get some cat food I couldn't help notice they had a load of new skincare and bodycare ranges. The main thing that caught my eye though, were these cute make up brushes. I know some people will be put off by the coloured bristles and patterned handles, but I couldn't resist! They had a blue bristled range and a pink one. Because they were so cheap I thought I might as well get a few to try. They are 100% synthetic and even come with protective covers for travel...

First up is the Foundation Brush £2, with the lovely dogtooth design. I tried this with my primer and foundation and I have no complaints! The bristles are soft but sturdy enough to give a good blend, and the size is just right for getting around the nose and eyes.

Next is the Eye Make Up Brush £1, which is described on the packet as 'fluffy' but it really isn't. I tried this for eye shadow and wasn't a fan as I prefer an actual fluffy brush, but for eye bases and cream shadows this was brilliant. The firm bristles were perfect for smoothing on cream products.

Lastly I chose the Eyeliner Brush £1, which is my favourite of the three. The  bristles are short, angled and perfectly firm for applying eyeliner. This is perfect with gel liner, and I found it gave a really clean line. 

Overall I'm really impressed with these brushes, they were easy to use and they don't feel cheap or like they are going to fall apart easily. I would definitely recommend, especially if you are on a budget, and I love how they brighten up my brush pot! 


  1. oh em gee! that is sooooooooooooo cute <3

    thanks for sharing!

    zara xx

  2. Wilko's is usually the last place I'd think to buy brushes from but it sounds like they're not too bad :O
    I will keep this post in mind next time I need to replace a brush :D


    1. I know, me too- it was by chance I saw them. They are really good :)


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