Bomb Cosmetics Land of Smiles Butter Loop review...

This is the first review of one of the amazing selection I received in my lucky dip box and I've been dying to start using some of the products. In hindsight I can confirm August is the wrong time to have a long hot bath so It will probably be a while before I try out some of the other stuff! 

The first thing I chose to try was the Land of Smiles Butter Loop, just because it looks so lovely and colourful. Bomb say  "Travel on a carriage of butters and pure mandarin essential oil to the land of smiles. A refreshing fragrance with a sparkling tropical heart along with a top note of bergamot and lemongrass." 

When I put this in the bath it gently fizzed releasing a smooth lather to the surface. I was also excited to find broken up pieces of different coloured button shapes in the middle. Thanks to the cocoa butter the water was silky soft, and soaked into my skin leaving it feeling well moisturised. The scent left a gentle lingering scent of mandarin which was lovely although maybe could have been a bit stronger. One thing I will say is that the scent didn't last on my skin, instead leaving a slight buttery smell which I'm not overly fond of.

This was just right for one baths worth for me, and costing just £2.24 each I'm more than happy with that. I would link to it on Bomb Cosmetics site but for some reason this flavour has disappeared. Overall very nice, and I can't wait to try out more.

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