Bomb Cosmetics Pink Coconut Bath Creamer review...

Another Bomb Cosmetics review, and this time I picked the Pink Coconut Bath Creamer to try. This is pretty small, and enough for one bath. It fizzed gentle, and didn't give off any foam or colour. Bomb say "a warming coconut fragrance, reminiscent of carribean holidays and soaking up the sun. Contains Lavender and Geranium essential oils." I could definitely smell this before I used it- but once it was in the bath It hardly gave off any scent which was a bit disappointing. It did however make the water silky soft, and a lovely treat for my skin.

The Bath Creamers cost £2.09 which I'd say it a pretty reasonable price too!


  1. I LOVE love looooove the Cocoa Swirls, I haven't tried any of the actual 'bombs' as I feel the Cocoa Swirls are too good, and so much better value for money!
    Lou Barker xo

    1. I have a couple that are waiting to be tried- I can't wait to use them now! :)


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