Japanese snacks round up...

As you may have noticed from my Youtube channel I am a big fan of Japanese snacks and candy and often make videos on DIY candy kits. I thought I would do a post today on some of the more known and easily available Japanese snacks...

Meiji Hello Panda Strawberry
I'd say most people have tried, or at least seen these before. They are hugely popular and very cute! Hello panda are a crunchy panda shaped biscuit shell with Strawberry creamy filling inside.

Meiji Hello Panda Chocolate
As you've probably guessed these are exactly the same but with a chocolate filling, yum!

Happy Nikukyu Peach
These probably aren't so well known but I had to include them in this post because they are so cute. They are a peach flavoured soft gummy that is shaped like a kitten paw *cute overload* Peach is my favourite gummy flavour, and Japanese candy uses it quite a lot. They are really tasty.

Meiji Yan Yan in chocolate and stawberry
These are a delicious pot of dipping biscuits and a portion of sauce. The biscuits taste just like the Pocky sticks and the sauce is ridiculously tasty. You get tons of biscuits per pot and they each have cute little phrases on, which my four year old sister was very impressed with!

Have you tried any of these?

[Oyatsu Cafe is a great website to get Japanese snacks an candy from- it's where I get most of mine and have so far had great service. There's a link to them in the sidebar if you want a look]


  1. I absolutely love Chocolate flavour Hello Panda! They're so tasty and very moreish. I've not tried the Strawberry ones though but they sound so good! Raspberrykiss xo

  2. Oo I love Hello Panda! I'd love to try one of the candy kits too! Enjoyed watching your vids on those :)


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