Tiger store haul...

The past few months I have seen all sorts of amazing things people have been buying from the store Tiger and have been completely gutted that there wasn't a store near me. Boo! Fortunately my lovely Nan lives in London and like me is a total shopaholic and surprised me with some bits she'd bought in the store near her.

My favourite of her picks has to be the geisha tweezers (which as well as being cute happen to feel really good quality), and I also love the space themed pegs too!

Fast forward a few weeks later and I found a Tiger had opened up right near me, so I rushed in to have a look. I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have, and everything is so colourful (and cheap!) 

I bought some stamp markers for £1, a strawberry plastic lunchbox for £2, and a mummy hand fan for £2 also. I'm fairly certain I will be going back there soon to buy some more things.


  1. Wow! I really need to get myself to a tiger store again! I remember going to the one in south london for the first time and i went crazy in there, absolutely love that store!!!

    1. I know- there's so much stuff you don't know where to look first! :)


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