Etude House Ice Tint Balm review...

I can never resist a lip balm so when Etude House released the Ice Tint Balms they went straight on my wishlist. They promise to be "cooling and smoothing" and an "ice bar like lip balm." I didn't really know what to expect with the ice bar side of things but was very surprised when I first applied it, that it is freezing cold. It's a strangely nice sensation, like rubbing an ice cube over your lips. I'm not sure of the reason for it or whether it's just for novelty but it's nice all the same!

The colour I chose is Blueberry Lover a blue toned red. I was really impressed with the pigmentation especially since it's a lip balm, it could give any lipstick a run for their money in that department. The balm also had a lovely smell that reminded me of cherries. The only small moan I have is the shape of the balm means it can be a little awkward to apply as the colour is so bold but that's only minor.

The staying power of this was also really good, it survived drinks and snacks, it wasn't until I had my dinner that this thing faded! I'd say it was nicely moisturising but not for overly dry lips. Overall I really love this lip balm and the colour will be great for Autumn too. (Anyone else excited that Autumn is coming?!) 

I got mine here for £5.89. There's six shades altogether.

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