Hello Kitty stationery from Tesco...

During my weekly shop at Tesco I of course had to have a little look down the back to school stationery aisle, and as soon as I saw a Hello Kitty collection that *INVOLVED DONUTS* I quickly forgot about buying food! Here's the three items I bought...

I couldn't resist this cute pencil case (£5) just for the tag alone. I mean it's covered in donuts! With Hello kitty! And it's sparkly! And lavender lined! *breath*  

I also picked up this keychain which was £2.50 which I thought was pretty reasonable. Look at the donut head!

Finally I picked the stamper set (£3) as I'm a big fan of stamps and use them a lot to decorate notes, scrapbooks etc... They work nicely and I quite like the brown ink colour (and look donut head is back!)

Are you a sucker when it comes to cute stationery?


  1. I picked up the keyring when I went to Tesco last weekend, it's so adorable! I may just have to go back and get the pencil case too T__T

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. It is so cute isn't it! I had to restrain myself from getting more :)

  2. Hmmm I hit publish but am not sure the comment went thru, I'm sorry for double commenting if it did! Just wanted to say I'm super jealous your store sells cute supplies like this!! Hello Kitty and Donuts are perfect together :D


  3. I am a sucker for stationary! They have really cute designs in Wilkinsons too :)

    Danniella x


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