Bomb Cosmetics Flight of the Frangipani...

On a cold day you can't beat a nice bath, and I decided to pick Flight of the Frangipani Bath Blaster from my Bomb Cosmetics stash to try. I must admit I was a little disappointed with the last few Bomb products I'd tried, but I'm pleased to say this one was lovely (if not for the really long name!) 

As soon as I put this in the bath it started fizzing away and turning the water a lovely pink colour (am I the only one who can't help but feel disappointed if the water doesn't change colour?!) I can't find this on Bombs website to see what the scent is supposed to be, but to me it smelt of sweet powdered rose. It was a beautiful scent that filled the whole bathroom and made for a relaxing bath. As usual the water was silky soft and left my skin feeling nicely moisturised too! 

After that I'm definitely looking forward to working through my stash :) 

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