Book Review: The New Ghost by Robert Hunter...

This comic book was an impulse Amazon buy, as the name and cover interested me. I didn't bother to properly read the description so when it arrived I was surprised to find it is actually a short story which I read in about ten minutes. Regardless I still wanted to post about it as I really enjoyed it.

The New Ghost, as you can probably imagine is a story about a ghost on his first night being a ghoul. It's a sweet story of him finding out what he is supposed to to do. The artwork in this book is particularly beautiful, and I love how the majority of the pictures consist of just reds, blues, and greens. 

I think this book would make a really lovely gift too. The New Ghost is part of a graphic short story project to help young artists, so I am definitely going to look into which other stories they have in their series.


  1. Great review
    Doesn't sound like my typical genre but a good read all the same :)



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