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Graze Box is a subscription service where you can get a weekly (or however often you want) delivery of snacks. Each box contains four separately packed snacks that are a good size for carrying in your bag. The boxes cost £3.99 each and you can go through their snack selection on their website when you join to rate each snack to make sure you get things you want.

I used to subscribe to Graze ages ago but was too stingy to pay £3.99 each week for a relatively small amount! Having said that my sister had a code for a few free boxes which I was happy to make use of ;) here is what I got...

After Dinner Mint
This is a mixture of peppermint raisins, dark Belgian chocolate buttons and almonds. This was really tasty although personally I thought there were too many almonds in comparison to the much tastier raisins and chocolate!

Jaffa Cake Flapjack
I'm not a huge flapjack fan to be honest (so I don't know why I checked this snack to receive!) so I gave it to my sister and she gave it the thumbs up an said it was very orangey.

Cheddar Gorge
This is a mix of cheese cashews, salsa corn sticks and herb crackers. The cheese cashews didn't really taste that cheesy to me, just more tangy- but they were nice all the same. The herb crackers were rice crackers which I didn't realise (I hate rice crackers) so I wouldn't order this snack again!

Rough Blend Peanut Butter With Pretzel Sticks
I usually love anything that involves peanut butter, but I found this horribly gooey, and really oily. The pretzel sticks get the thumbs up though!

If you feel like trying a Graze Box yourself here's a few codes you may find useful:

XC2GZ3MZB for your 1st, 5th, & 10th box free (can cancel anytime)
JCNWMK6 FOR £5 credit.


  1. I love graze boxes! Such a good way to try new things! I think the after dinner mint and cheddar gorge look the tastiest.


  2. Great post! I loved Graze a while back and had my boxes delivered to the office. It was great to combat that mid-afternoon snack attack most people get so as they started descending on the vending machines, I dived into my Graze boxes. It was perfect!

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