Japanese Candy Kit: Meiji Gummy Sushi Kit...

In today's post I bring you a little review of another Japanese candy kit- the Meiji Gummy Sushi Kit. Much like the last kit I blogged about this is a mini and much simpler version of the vast array of Japanese candy kits out there. 

The sushi kit has fun and colourful packaging (I particularly love the angry looking octopus on the back) with easy to follow picture instructions. It's as simple as peeling out your gummies and stacking them. The 'rice' base is banana flavour (usually not a flavour I like, but this was pretty good) and the 'fish' toppings are lemon and cherry flavour. The gummies are extra squidgy (just how I like them) and the flavours worked well together. Thumbs up from me! 

You can get the Gummy Sushi kit here for £1.24*

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  1. YUMMY! Gotta love these diy kits <3

  2. Such a good price for a lot of fun :D

    Danniella x


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