My Geek Box October...

My Geek Box is a subscription service based in the UK that sends out a monthly box full of 'geek gear.' Each month they have a different theme, and each box contains a limited edition t shirt. Octobers theme was 'nightmares' and as a big horror fan I couldn't resist giving them a try. The box was shipped out on the 15th and I got it really quickly, so I'm happy with the service. Here's what I got... 

First off a Chucky t shirt! I do love Chucky, and the design is really cute. I'm glad I decided to order a large mens shirt so I can use it as an around the house/ pyjama top as I wouldn't wear a bright red top out and about. There was also a Jack Skellington fridge magnet- I love The Nightmare Before Christmas but the magnet is a bit meh, although it was a nice little touch. I do love the look of the Monster Mates Poppin' Candy as anything apple flavoured is good by me!

Zombies! I suppose you couldn't have a nightmares themed box without them. I got a Zombie Zity Swobblerz toy (the baker) which to me seems much more of a kids toy... Interestingly of all the twelve to collect on the back of the packaging they are all men, so maybe us women will be immune when the zombie outbreak hits! There was also a Zomblings in the Town blind bag toy, I got a funny little zombie pig.

It's probably the cutest zombie I've seen. ♬ Zombie pig, zombie pig, does whatever a zombie pig does 

The main item in this months box was a Pop! Vinyl and you could either get Jason or Freddy Krueger. I'm quite happy to add Freddy to my collection (of two!) I think this item definitely makes the box for me.

And finally this small poster. I'm a huge fan of classic horror so was pleased to see this little nod to Bela Lugosi's Dracula, and Boris Karloff's Frankenstein monster (although I would have loved more classic horror!) I think the design could have been better, but maybe I'm just being picky!

So overall I'm pretty pleased with the box, but at £16.99 it's probably not something I'd order again as I'm quite fussy, and a large portion of the stuff I wouldn't have bought knowingly if it hadn't been for the surprise element. I do feel like they could have done a bit better with the theme... 

If you're interested in trying them out they are here, next months theme is Best of British.


  1. Oooh I've never heard of this subscription before, I think I may have to get November's though, Best of British - it's bound to have Doctor Who stuff in :D

    This would be amazing to get each month, £16.99 is a great price for what you get, POP figures alone can cost £10+
    Although, not being a horror fan, I don't think I'd want either Freddy or Jason in my room, plotting against me. :')

    I do have Iron Man and Drogon (Game of thrones dragon) to protect me though xD

    Juyey xx

    1. Yes, from their teaser posts on Facebook it looks like there will be a lot of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter etc... I do love Doctor who, but not a fan of the other two so thought best to not order :) Go for it! :)

  2. Sounds interesting :) For £16.99 it is a bit expensive, although I'd be tempted if they did something anime related :)

    Danniella x


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