Yankee Candle Halloween 2014...

Every year I eagerly await the new scents Yankee Candle bring out for Halloween and Christmas. This year they had three flavours for Halloween:Ghostly Treats, Candy Corn and Witches Brew. Although I love the look of the big Halloween jars I tend to stick to the wax melts (they are really good, and much cheaper!)

Ghostly Treats is probably my favourite of the three. To me it smells like toasted marshmallows with a fresh kick at the end. This one is very sweet, and I can only burn this for a short while as the smell is so overpowering!

Candy Corn smells like the American sweet which is synonymous with Halloween. I've never tasted Candy Corn :( but from what I've heard it tends to get a love hate reaction. The wax melt itself to me smells mainly of vanilla with a gummy sweet smell. I love the bright orange colour of this one.

Lastly Witches Brew, which is described as a 'spicy sweet aroma of patchouli' which to me smells like a mixture of liquorice, and a fresh mens aftershave.

These are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit!

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