Bomb Cosmetics Mandarin Sunset Whoopie Blaster...

Out of everything I bought from Bomb Cosmetics, the Whoopie Blasters where definitely the things I liked the look of the most. I can't resist anything donut related and these look like bright and colourful donuts. They are two halves of a bath blaster with pure butters piped in the middle and cute sprinkles on top. 

The scent of the madarin Sunset is probably as you'd guess- a lovely fresh citrus smell. I'm pleased to say the blaster turned my bath a lovely ocean blue, and the butters made the water silky smooth which felt nicely moisturising on my skin. I must admit I was planning to get a few baths out of this giant thing and was going to take it out after half had dissolved, but my plan was flawed: it melted in seconds d'oh! For future reference I will be breaking these up, as sadly I don't have the reflexes of a ninja!

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