Graze Box tasting....

More Graze Box tasting....!

Salt and Vinegar Nut Selection
This is a nice generous selection of salt & vinegar flavoured almonds and peanuts, i really enjoyed these.

Chocolate Pudding
A mixture of belgian milk chocolate and green and jumbo raisins. I much preferred the green raisins to the jumbo raisins but eating these mixed together pretty much tasted like eating chocolate covered raisins and was really nice.

Cookies & Cream
This was a mix of mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. I loved all of it except the mini cookies, which to me were dry and tasteless...

Hot Dog
This contains sweet mustard breadsticks, smoked cashews and cheese croutons.I loved all of it except the mustard croutons- to me they tasted tangy rather than sweet and after a couple I couldn't take anymore! 

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  1. Yum! the salt and vinegar nuts sound like they'd taste great!



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