Halloween OOTD...

Tartan Dress: Simply Be
Shoes: Demonia (old)
Tights: M&S
Lipstick: Mac Russian Red

Seeing as I had no one around to take a full outfit picture, I instead took a jigsaw of pictures which give you some vague idea of what I was wearing. It was either this or a flash heavy wavy Ikea mirror picture!

I've recently dyed my hair back to black, and along with my new tartan dress (that I am in love with) thought it made for kind of Halloween-y kind of goth-y outfit. Although RIP my M&S tights, who after a long life sadly passed away after having my fist ripped through them. It was a hulk smash moment of tights frustration I deeply regret! :'(


  1. You look gorgeous <3 I love your whole outfit, especially those shoes!

    Dannie x

  2. oh no RIP tights :(
    you look great, love the black hair!


  3. I love the shoes and the ring....and you already know what I think about the dress. :)


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