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Gone Girl (2014)
After enjoying the book A LOT I was eagerly awaiting the film, partly out of curiosity as to whether they could do the story justice. I was on the whole pleasantly surprised, they captured the dark nature of the story and all the plot twists packed a good punch as like in the book they were slowly revealed throughout the film. Even the casting of Ben Affleck worked (sorry, can't stand him :/) but his character is so unlikeable and slimy it fitted. Even the ending (which in the book I found a little disappointing) played out better in the film.

Oculus (2014)
I was expecting a typical predicable horror film here but again was pleasantly surprised to find it was a little bit more clever than that. An enjoyable supernatural horror about siblings who face a tragic event from their childhood this focuses more on a creepy atmosphere and suspense rather than gore. Definitely worth a watch.

Girl Most Likely (2012)
The film starts with Kristen Wiig faking a suicide attempt to try and win back her boyfriend, which I thought was in really bad taste. Beyond that it was a fairly watchable but predictable film. I do love Kristen Wiig, but I've got to say this isn't one of her best films.

Doctor Who series 8
I've been really enjoying the current series of Doctor Who. I stopped watching it when Matt Smith became the doctor as I wasn't a fan, but I'm really enjoying Peter Capaldi's take on the doctor. I find his sarcastic nature, and moodiness quite amusing! 

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  1. I want to see Gone Girl but the cinemas near me are rubbish! Will be waiting for it to come out on DVD/streaming :)

    Dannie x


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