Degusta Box December...

I got a code for a half price December Degusta Box (a monthly food subscription box, usually £12.99) and thought I would give them a go. The big box arrived, all very well packaged. Here is what I got...

Kettle Chips
I do love Kettle Chips, although I've never tried this flavour but I will keep these to share at Christmas.

Cool Dawn Recovery
This is a herbal detox drink which is supposed to help prevent hangovers. I'm not much of a drinker these days so I will give this to someone else- although the thought of trying to drink something herbal whilst drunk just sounds like a bad idea to me!

Lindt Lindor My Melting Moment
I got a generous five of these in the box and I am trying to be strong and resist eating them all (Lindt is my favourite chocolate) because they will make lovely stocking fillers.

Kent's Kitchen Fajitas Flavour Shots
These are small tubs of sauce that you can mix with chicken, and I'm sure I will get round to using them at some point. 

Branston Caramelised Onion Chutney
Me and my sister have already planned a delicious cheese board for Christmas and this will go with it perfectly! 

Pip Organic Apple Juice
My favourite fruit juice is apple and I've already popped these in the fridge as I'm sure they'll be lovely.

Montano Italian Cider
I'm not a cider fan, but this will make a nice stocking filler for my Dad or Brother in law.

Holy Cow Curry Sauces
I got two of these, and gave them to my sister as to be frank I know I'll never get round to using them.

Chai Latte satchet
I dislike both tea and cinnamon so this ones not for me but I shall give it to someone who will appreciate it!  

Overall, although great value I was a little disappointed- for a December box I was hoping for a slightly more festive offering. I also think they should have a few different options for subscribers (for example: non alcohol drinkers, vegetarian etc...) but really I can't fault the value for money and if you aren't a fussy eater (unlike me) then it's definitely worth a try! 

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