Etsy find: Love2SparkleUK...

When looking for glittery hair bows I found a seller on Ebay who had a lovely selection and swiftly ordered this sparkly lilac hair bow for £3. Once the hair bow arrived nicely wrapped in tissue paper I realised they had an Etsy store which is full of sparkly hair accessories. 

The colour of this hair bow is just beautiful and there hasn't been any glitter fallout at all. It has a crocodile clip well secured on the back so there's no worries of loosing the bow. My only minor moan is that the bow is not quite symmetrical- one side is slightly bigger than the other. This probably won't bother most people but it slightly niggles me! Other than that I'm very happy with my hair bow, and already have my eye on the large bows in their Etsy store.


  1. That bow is absolutely beautiful! Really need to invest in some new ones :3

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  2. that's so adorable! love the colour

    from helen at


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