More hair accessories from Love2SparkleUK...

After posting about the cute hair bow I'd got the other day, Carol from Love2SparkleUK contacted me and said she was going to post me some things, a couple of days later and a beautifully wrapped parcel arrived containing these beauties. I couldn't believe how generous she'd been and everything she'd sent was pastel purple! ♥‿♥

First up we have this BEAUTY! A large glitter headband, beautifully handmade. I wore this on Christmas day, and frankly I am in love with it. You can adjust the bow to whichever position you want, and the colour is beyond beautifulThere is a huge array of colours to choose from in their store too!

Next up is this beaded headband, which is completely unique- I've never seen anything like it before. Again I love the colours of this, and there are so many pretty beads on here. On the Etsy listing it says these bands are upcycled from broken jewellery which is cool!  

Finally, we have this pretty hair bow, which is huge and soft. This bow keeps it shape really well, and the crocodile clip on the back is perfectly secure. I'm sure all you pastel fans out there will agree with me on how lovely it is!

I am already planning on making another order with their Etsy store soon, and totally recommend checking them out here, great friendly service, and well made products. Thanks Carol for this amazing parcel! 


  1. Such lovely pieces!! I don't know which I like the best :O
    They're all super pretty~


  2. I don't think I could choose either :)

  3. I love your color choice! Such a delish purple, hehe. Too cute.


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