New things...feat Primark, Amazon & ASOS!

Amongst all the present buying I've been making the most of some of the pre Christmas/ Black Friday deals. My Nan & Grandad always give everyone money for Christmas and they are always very organised at giving it early! So here are some of the bits I've bought...

I made an order with ASOS and although I originally wanted just one thing ended up adding more stuff so I qualified for free postage! I bought the New Look donut purse as it was half price, and I'd had my eye on it since it was released. I also got two Models Own nail polishes for £3.50 each (Diamond Luxe in Princess Pink & Swan speckled polish.) I also couldn't resist adding these nail decals to my basket as they were half price and had donuts on!

Finally from ASOS I got this huge tote bag in the sale for £6. I got my sister one for Christmas too that has a skeleton design. It's really nice and thick, and will be really useful. 

I went in Primark in my usual quest to find something I'd seen on Instagram (my local Primark never has the good stuff) and couldn't find it. Instead I came out with a Breaking Bad and Batman top for £6 each. In Pound World I bought these cool Hulk socks, I can never resist novelty socks....

More stuff from Primark! A Batman jumper and Lisa Simpson pyjama top... I think I may be showing my mental age here :D

I got this kind of garish Christmas pyjama top for £2 which I'm pretty happy with, some Little Mermaid pants and a trapper hat. This was in the mens section and was labelled at £5, but came out at £3 and will be perfect for keeping my big head warm! 

From Amazon I made the most of the Black Friday prices and ordered these three books that were sitting in my (mega long) wishlist- it came to around £10 for all three with free postage, and I'm looking forward to working my way through them.

In Tesco they had all Nivea skincare half price so I bought a couple of face washes as I'm nearly out. And lastly I got a two Vaseline tins as I use these all the time and they were on offer. I decided to branch out and try the cocoa butter version like the rebel that I am ;)


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