Japanese candy: Puccho Gummy Ramune & Melon Soda...

Firstly the packaging for these Puccho gummies is a strange shape... but moving on the little tub is filled with small gummies (around the size of midget gems) that are nice and squishy. The two flavours in this one are ramune, and melon soda. 

As usual with Japanese candy the flavours are spot on. The melon gummy tastes just like you are biting into a piece of juicy honeydew melon, and the ramune gummy is sweet and fizzy. For such a small piece of candy it seriously is like a flavour explosion! These are really yummy, and there is a variety of flavour combinations to try.

I got mine here from Oyatsu Cafe for £1.31.


  1. Oo these sound yummy! Love melon flavoured things!

  2. danniella josephine18 January 2015 at 15:12

    I think I have a version of these somewhere! I'm glad they are tasty though, and so cheap too!

    Dannie x



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