Lush sales haul...

Boxing Day morning I got up early determined to get some half price goodies in the Lush Boxing Day online sale. In hindsight I kind of wish I'd stay in bed, as the sale was a disaster and Lush were somehow completely unprepared. I somehow managed to frantically add stuff to my basket, paid and hoped for the best! Over two weeks later the stuff finally turned up. Here's what I got...

Here's the loose stuff I got... 2x Golden Wonder, 2x The Christmas Penguin, 2x Shoot For The Stars, a Dashing Santa, Luxury Lush Pud, and Snow Angel. 

I also got the Whoop Whoop, Season's Greetings, and Christmas Candy Box gift sets. If you want to see what's inside these I will be uploading a little video to my YouTube channel :)

So I'm pretty much sorted for the next couple of years, which is just as well as I'm staying in bed next time!


  1. So many lovely things. I can't get over how adorable those penguins are! xo

  2. danniella josephine18 January 2015 at 15:11

    At least you got some items! I went on to the site but I couldn't be bothered to wrestle with it. I heard it took ages because they didn't realise the demand would be so high so they had to make a lot of the items again! I think that was nice of them to do, other companies would have cancelled the order.

    Dannie x


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